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Creation of New Trademarks, Product or Company Names

If you need to acquire a new trademark, service mark or company name, we can create and procure such a new trademark, service mark or company name for your company. I am a registered patent attorney based in Massachusetts who created a powerful computer program, to aid me in creating a small group of these candidate trade designations for you, or to procure a new company name. I also create advertising slogans. My affordable fee is payable only upon your adoption by actual use, or registration (by your attorney), of a candidate name selected from this small group. Inquiries by businessmen, attorneys or advertising agencies are welcomed.

Feel free to e-mail or otherwise contact me with any questions or comments. Sending me a brief description of the relevant products, services and business of your company would be helpful. E-mail: You could mail me relevant flyers, etc. at Robert L. Nathans, 36 Stag Drive, Billerica, Massachusetts 01821, U.S.A. Tel: 978-667-3060.